Gordana - fra Makedonien til Aalborg

Gordana fra Makedonien er frivillig i Aalborg i 8 måneder. Hun fortæller her om sine oplevelser og mødet med en anderledes kultur.

Hello. I am Gordana Blagojevska, I come from Macedonia, Skopje and I am 25 years old. I have a degree from the University as a special educator and rehabilitator (working with children with special needs).

I arrived in Denmark in the middle of April and I will be here until December. Coming here was very challenging for me. The first day I had a welcome event where people were coming to meet me. We had coffee and cake and it was really nice.

While I am here the people I’ve met are trying to make me feel like part of the group, trying to help with most of the things which I am very thankful and happy about.

For these couple of months I have been here I have participated in many activities which helped me to understand the Danish culture and everyday life in Denmark, the different background we have for example some small things like lunchtime, traditional food.

For me it was also surprising how many people who are volunteers which is not really common in Macedonia. A lot of Danish people beside their job or studies are also part of some volunteering work which I think is really nice.

I like the fact that everyone is equal in Denmark and they have equal opportunities, free education and free health care, while in Macedonia we still have hierarchy, and we have to pay for our studies and health care. On the other side, the people in Macedonia are more close to each other, drinking coffee with the neighbours, doing stuff together (barbecue, celebrating birthdays and different types of celebrations). We are a mixed country with different religions and most of the people respect each other and in one way the society makes us “depend of each other”. In Denmark people are more independent, they have enough opportunities from the society which makes them more closed, they don’t know their neighbours, they have their own circle of friends,.

Another thing I really like about Denmark is that they are using bikes most of the time while in Macedonia people drive cars. Some families have 3 cars and they are using them every day.

I like Denmark, people are very nice, kind, polite and open minded. I enjoy the time here and I am really happy that I have this opportunity to learn, discover and explore a lot. I am looking forward for the rest of my stay here, especially to see how democracy works in YMCA and YWCA in Denmark “Landsmøde”.

Del, spred og inviter andre