Frivilligophold hos Café Paraplyen

Laura fra Tyskland har i 9 måneder været frivillig hos Café Paraplyen, KFUM's Sociale Arbejde på Frederiksberg, gennem udvekslingsprogrammet i Erasmus+. Læs her om hendes oplevelser af Danmark.

My voluntary year at Café Paraplyen

My name is Laura Schmidt, I'm 19 years old and from Germany.

I decided to do my voluntary year over the YMCA (Danish ''KFUM og KFUK'') because I've been a volunteer in the German YMCA since I was 12, so I am familiar with the way they work.  

The purpose of the KFUM's Social Work is to provide a diaconal and social effort for the people of Denmark, contributing to creating worthy corpses for people in vulnerable life situations.

I worked in the Café Paraplyen. What I really love about the other volunteers in Paraplyen is, that they take care of you and everyone else. I remember someone saying ''If there is something you would like to talk about – we are listening. We are one big family, we are your family.'' And I think that is one of the best things to hear, when you move alone to another country. Everyone supported and took care of me in a very comfortable way and tried to include me as good as it was possible.

I love helping people, so it made me very happy to see, how the smallest things I did, gave them a smile to their faces, but the most important thing is – they gave me so much back. After 9 months of beeing in Copenhagen, I can say that I learned a lot about me and people I'm not used to be with. ''Don't judge a book by it's cover'' fits perfectly in that case.

All in all I can say, I don't regret the decision to do my voluntary year at the Café Paraplyen. It was a great experience and I can recommend it to everyone! I'm thankful for this big opportunity and will definetly come back for a visit!


Del, spred og inviter andre